Industrial Pretreatment Program

In July 1994, the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency approved an Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) for implementation at the Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Program is designed to eliminate and control the discharge of pollutants into the public sewer system and ultimately into the waterways of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and requires users to obtain an Industrial Discharge Permit for the discharge of certain non-sanitary wastes.

Under NPDES Permit No. PA 0026964, LPVRSA is mandated to:

  • Issue control mechanisms (Industrial Discharge Permits) to industrial users as required
  • Conduct sampling and site inspections of industrial user facilities at a minimum on an annual basis
  • Enforce regulations and impose penalties for permit violations
  • Establish local limits for all users in order to protect against pass through, interference and sludge contamination, and to assure worker safety at the Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant. Local Limits are based upon Maximum Allowable Headworks Loadings (MAHL) as approved by U.S. EPA
  • Comply with all applicable state and federal laws required by the Clean Water Act of 1977 and General Pretreatment Regulations

All dischargers of non-sanitary waste are required to complete a Wastewater Questionnaire for Non-Residential Establishments and Application for Wastewater Discharge Permit (see Forms and Instructions) that will assist LPVRSA in establishing the need for an Industrial Discharge Permit and the need for pretreatment by the Permittee before a discharge can occur. The user must obtain a permit prior to discharge.