Employment Opportunities

WWTP Operator

A wastewater treatment plant operator is an hourly position at the WWTP. The individual will perform a variety of tasks required to ensure the proper operation of the LPVRSA WWTP and the Perkiomen Creek Interceptor. Primary responsibilities include routine equipment checks, sludge wasting, process control adjustments, BFP operation, and laboratory analyses. Operators report directly to the Manager.

Send cover letter, resume, and salary history to mmcgann@lpvrsa.org 

Job Tasks and Responsibilities

• Complete daily equipment checks and data collection.
• Make process control decisions to ensure permit compliance through evaluation of laboratory results and knowledge of treatment practices.
• Maintain and calibrate process control equipment such as Dissolved Oxygen meters & probes and chlorine residual meters & probes.
• Conduct laboratory analyses (BOD, TSS, NH3, P, Fecal Coliform, MLSS) in the LPVRSA certified laboratory.
• Conduct daily primary sludge wasting.
• Conduct daily secondary sludge wasting in order to maintain targeted sludge age and sludge volume.
• Operate the Belt Filter Presses complying with Land Application standards for biosolids disposal.
• Participate in tank and equipment cleaning such as the influent bar screen, grit removal system, primary clarifiers, aeration tanks, secondary clarifiers and chlorine contact tanks.
• Assist maintenance staff with equipment repairs and preventative maintenance tasks.
• Perform other tasks as assigned by the Chief of O&M

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Possess a valid PA driver’s license
• High School diploma or equivalent
• Possess or ability to upgrade to a PA DEP Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator’s License Class AE, Subclass 1
• Maintain status as an operator in responsible charge at the WWTP by completing the required continuing education for PA wastewater treatment operator license renewal.
• Participate in the on-call rotation to respond to emergencies and breakdowns at the treatment plant.
• Work weekends and holidays as part of a rotation with plant operators.
• Mechanical ability to operate pumps, valves and motors.
• Adhere to safe work practices and procedures including but not limited to lockout/tag out, ladder safety and confined space entry regulations.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers and management
• Able to perform manual labor consistent with the wastewater treatment industry and work in all weather conditions